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CAMP BISCO 2012, awesome news!!

Attention to all CAMP goers!!!! they added an “extra day” aka, gates open at 9 PM on Wednesday July 11th. Anyone who’s been to camp before knows how awesomely shitty that dreadful possibly 4-10 hour wait of a line can be. It’s great to rage on the line, but it sucks to miss out on a lot of the first day of camp. This is absolutely awesome and .. one of the best things to happen haha.. aside from them lowering the capacity, adding entrances for quicker entry, BIGGER DANCE TENTS?!! ahhh and much more, I can’t wait to see what this camp will bring, I can’t wait for tents and no shoes and music and beers and awesome vibes. Meeting new people, hooping all day and night, sleep? what’s sleep? … rainstorm I hope, more MUD. mud mud mud CAMP BISCO 2012!!!!!

I can’t wait to be raging the biscuits again, fuck yes. this years going to be so dope.

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